Rushing… There’s no Rushing in Comics!

When it comes to pressing, good things come to those who wait.

Pressing over the years has shared the spotlight with restoration when it comes to receiving attention from the hobby. To put it simply, pressing is a process that can raise the grade of a comic by removing small defects using non-restorative techniques. The pressing phase of the comic submission process (Pressing/Grading) is the one stage that should not be rushed.

Everyone wants their books back as soon as possible, but never trade rushing this process in order to expedite the process. AT CFP Comics your books are never rushed and are kept in the press for a full 24 hours. We do not press the book in one press and then transfer it to another press (or move it under a weighted object) to cool down. The book heats up and cools down in the same press, reducing any warping or damage that can happen handling a book while it is warm.

Check out our work page to see the results our pressing process gets.


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