Turnaround Times: Currently processing books received/paid 01/24/2021—01/31/2024. Next trip to CGC will be mid to late March. Last trip was 2/26/2024.

Comic Book Pressing & Submission

Do your comic books have breaking, creases, bends, or waves? We can help! Let us professionally fix them.

Our Services

Comic Book Pressing & Cleaning, for Universal and Signature Series Books

Definition: Removal of small defects using non-restorative techniques that can help raise the grade of a comic. This can remove mirror flaws or defects such as dents, bends, rippling due to moisture, non-color break stress,  or spine rolls. Comic book pressing uses heat, pressure, and humidification when it is beneficial to the book to remove these issues.

Our Pressing Service: Comic book pressing, over the years, has shared the spotlight with restoration when it comes to receiving attention from the hobby. Keep in mind a book that exhibits what would be considered “good” will not always increase in grade from a pressing. Check the book thoroughly to make sure it does not have what are considered bad defects.

See the differences between good and bad defects in our FAQ.

Most, if not all, comics will benefit from a comic book pressing.

Pre-Screening & Evaluation

Definition: All inclusive press and prep service for Signature Series books.

Our Pressing Service: All books will be pressed, bagged and boarded with a Mylite 2 window bag & fullback and then protected by a Mylar sleeve. I will also provide all the information about the book necessary for signing. (The customer name, who is to sign the book, the creator, the location of the signing, the invoice number, the tier of service and any other pertinent information will be listed on the back of the bag.) I can also fill out the paperwork for you in advance. I am not acting as a facilitator but offering a service to get your books ready to bring to the shows for signing events.

If you work out the logistics with CBCS or CGC before hand, I can deliver your books to them or a facilitator in advance to make sure they are at the correct show instead of mailing them back to you.

Additional Benefits For You

Grading Submission

We will handle the submission of your books to CBCS or CGC and complete all necessary paperwork.

Online Ordering

Ordering with us is easy! Our simple online management let’s you see the books you submit to us.

Grading Discount

We pass on the grading discount to you! So you save 15% by using our service with CFP Comics.

No Additional Shipping Cost

With our service, we don’t charge extra to ship your book to the grading company.

What's Our Process?

Place an Order

Create an order for your book. We’ll tell you the cost. No hidden fees!

Send the Book

Pack up the book and send it to us in the post.

Press & Ship

We fix up your book, then ship it back to you or send it for grading submission.