Turnaround Times: Currently processing books received/paid 01/24/2021—01/31/2024. Next trip to CGC will be mid to late March. Last trip was 2/26/2024.

About Us

CFP COMICS & SERVICES is owned and operated by Joe Grisolia. We are fully insured by collectibles insurance services. Joe is a CGC and CBCS dealer.

Joe Grazolia - Comic Book Pressing Services

Our Story

Joe Grisolia has been working on comics for the past 16 years professionally. However, his story began long before that.

When Joe was just a young lad, he suffered an eye injury which resulted in a summer in bed and very little time to play hockey and baseball. A loving Grandmother brought him some reading material—a copy of Avengers #113 (seen reading) and  Thor Issue #210—which inspired a life-long passion for reading and collecting comic books.

Joe loved his comics, and he also loved making them look good. He would painstakingly work on restoring any comic that came his way. This was a process he learned slowly and worked on methodically. He loved bringing a book back to its full beauty. Eventually, he got tired of paying other people to do a job that he could do better—and for way less money. So, CFP Comics was born.

Q & A With Joe

Why is CFP Comics a company collectors want to work with?

We are OCD in the way we work. Similarly, many comic collectors are also OCD in the way they approach their collections. We understand the mentality of collectors and deliver a service with incredible quality and attention to detail.

We’re also honest. We provide the same comic book services other are providing, at times for a fraction of the price. We also pass on discounts to our clients.

Why do comic books increase in value once they’re pressed?

Sometimes collectors purchase a comic book for $50 with bends and waves in it. After we press it, the value jumps up to 3-4 times the price. Books in better condition are rated as more valuable. Our company is basically a middle man at times to the grading company. We help comic books look great before they go to the grading companies.

How does the discount with the grading fee work?

The grading company offers a 15% discount for using us, and we just pass that on to you. So if you decide to have us send your book directly to the grading company—you’ll pay 15% less for grading fees going through us.

What’s your favorite part of being in this business?

It’s a real joy to help people. One customer had a child born with severe birth defects, and to keep the bills paid they needed to liquidate their comic book collection. To help these people get the most for their comic books during a really rough two-year period was a joy. We can’t fix everyone’s challenges, but to help people is fulfilling.

We develop relationships with our clients, they’re not just a number on a spreadsheet. Working with people around the world has led to some special friendships.

More Questions?

Read our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any further help, please get in touch!

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